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Hello...a newbie here!

Hi there!

I do not live in the Riverside area, but over on Southside, near Baymeadows (yes, apartment central!), but I heard that your group was open to others, so long as they behaved themselves! My name is Karen and I'm 27. My husband and I moved down here from Illinois a few months ago and it's been tough meeting people. Our son (Ian) is 17 months old and quite the little man. We are planning to have 1 or 2 more kids and I'm getting "baby fever" already.

Hmmmm...what did I love most about being pregnant? I had a high-risk pregnancy (gestational diabetes), so I had ultrasounds every 2 weeks for most of my pregnancy and then every week for the last month. I loved "checking in" with my son. It was so amazing to watch him grow and he even started to show his personality then! (He mooned us and peed right there while we were watching...I should have known he'd keep me busy! ;)) I also loved doing this water exercise class they was mostly stretching and it REALLY helped with the aches and pains.

Here's our website with pictures of our son:

Karen Cabell
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